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Why pay if you are going to work? No, that would be crazy. The registration as a helper is free. We are happy with you!

Complete your profile

Complete your profile

Make something nice out of your profile, because customers see it when they are looking for a helper! A good motivation helps you to be chosen earlier. Set your hourly rate and availability.

Get to work

Get to work

Working via Hlprs makes you happy! You wanna bet? A big chance that you can start very quickly. And then you will be paid safely!

Working via Hlprs makes you happy because:

Get paid safely

Work in your neighborhood

No commuting for hours to the customer. You just work in your own area! Maybe even around the corner. Very handy, it saves you a lot of time!

Flexible work

Flexible work

Be the boss over your own agenda! Do you also have another job, children, still in the class rooms, or do you have to train for your next table tennis match? No problem. You choose your availability.

Good earnings

Good earnings

Pick what you deserve, what a luxury! How do you choose your hourly rate? For example based on your experience and the amount of helpers in the area. Tip: Be realistic, otherwise customers would prefer a different helper.

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Cleaner service HLPRS


Make people happy with a clean house! Spotless, shiny, you know what to do with wipes, sponges and vacuum cleaners. Is the vacuum cleaner your best friend? Do you know how to tackle things and do not leave a crumb? Then become a helper!

Gardener service HLPRS


Green fingers? It's a shame not to use them. You can do a lot of gardening with this! Weeding, pruning trees, planting flowers; you don't turn your (right) hands down for that.

Handyman service HLPRS


Do you know what to do with chores in and around the house? Hanging lamps, fixing furniture, replacing a lock: you can fix it in no time. Then start as a handyman via Hlprs! Sure you will make people happy with your skills!

Babysitter service HLPRS


Are you good with children? Do you take your responsibility and do you want to earn a little money with it? Then become a babysitter via Hlprs and make children and their parents happy.

Make people happy, become a helper!

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About hlprs

Get paid safely

Who are we?

Hlprs is the platform for finding and offering the right help. Cleaners, gardeners, handymans and babysitters: it's all possible. We bring customers and helpers together. The right help at the right time makes people happy, but then they must know where to find each other. We take care of that!

Get paid safely

Our mission

That little bit of extra help makes a smile appear on people's faces. For both the customers and the helpers. We do a lot for that smile. We bring customers and helpers together, screen the helpers and arrange everything well; from customer service to invoicing. And all that legally. The helpers are working legally, as they should be. It is the best for everyone.

Even more reasons to become a helper

Get paid safely

Get paid safely

After working you want your money, preferably as soon as possible. We understand! That will be fine, because we work with a reliable payment provider. You will receive your earned wages anyway!

Ideal payment HLPRS
Sepa payment HLPRS
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Completely legal work

Via Hlprs you work legal, as it should be. You work according to the regulation 'dienstverlening aan huis'. It's clever, because this way you don't have a chance of sky-high fines. As a helper you are additionally insured and you have the guarantee of payment in the event of illness.

Easy to combine

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If you want to be a helper, then you can be a helper. We would love too! We are happy with you, so why wait for you to start working?

Become a helper, make happy!

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